The Bury, Church Street, Chesham

Dates & Times:

The festival is on Saturday, 15th June 2019. The gates open on Saturday from 12.00pm until 12:00am.

Kids Entertainment


Look out for Caroline of Hartbeeps Chiltern, who will be in the Silent Disco tent throughout the afternoon with her exciting mix of interactive and imaginative play . Don’t miss this kids!!

Food and Drink

Archies Ices

There’s nothing quite like homemade ice cream. And Archie’s Grandad Noel has spent years perfecting his. So much so, he’s not letting anyone get their sticky paws on his secret recipe. So, you and your guests are in for quite a treat.

Visit the website here

Flame Pizzas

Mouth watering, delicious pizzas from the warmth and glow of our burning wood fired oven.

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Gourmet toasted sandwiches


Feast from the mideast serving authentic flavours of the Levant

Silly Sausage

We love sausages! Big sausages, little sausages, flat sausages, traditional sausages… Any sausages. The humble Sausage makes us HAPPY

Superfood Curry Company

The SuperFood Curry Company offers multi-award winning Indian, Caribbean and fusion soul and street

Funky Elephant

Funky Elephant bring you their Caribbean Fusion Street Food, made with award winning products and including vegan, gluten, nut and dairy free options.