BURYFields 2016!

Wow! We had the Farm, we had The Wonder Stuff, we had Ed Tudor Pole, Skinny Lister, Jonny Awsum and so many more great acts. We had comedy, burlesque, karaoke, magic, guilty pleasures and so much more. We had rain, we had sun but most importantly we had fun. We would like to thank all our sponsors, our volunteers and especially all of you who came and enjoyed the weekend with us X

A message from IBB Solicitors

On Friday 17th and Saturday June 18th, IBB Solicitors was pleased to lend its back garden to BURYFields and the people of Chesham who came to enjoy the music, comedy, food and festival atmosphere for a fourth year. Standing at the bottom of the garden and looking up at the house, at dusk on Saturday, with people sitting and chatting and dancing; and children racing around wearing glitter and face paint and tutus and all sorts of miraculous craft, it was hard to believe that the day before and two days afterwards, several companies, residents and the local wildlife would be, once again, peacefully going about their business.

It was wonderful! The best year yet! A completely mad, uniquely Chesham, midsummer festival, that we are all proud to be part of. There were dads dancing, and babies bopping and karaoking, and grown-ups (who should know better) in the under 16’s rave tent, raving; there was thumping bass and blankets on every available space; there was sunshine (I saw it) and lots of laughing; and there were incredibly quiet leavings at midnight with hugs and smiles and “see you next years”.

Thank you for coming in your (literal) thousands and thank you for enjoying the garden so respectfully. Thank you neighbours for your good humour and forbearance. Thank you BURYFields organisers, team leaders, volunteers, stewards, security staff, stall holders, feeders of people (of every type and most continents), entertainers and face painters, bar workers, gardeners, litter pickers, goose poo pickers, big top wranglers, little top wranglers, electricians, carpenters, toilet roll replenishers, early morning toilet delivery people (shhhhhhh!), early morning coffee makers (thank you! thank you!), sign makers, programme printers, tent suppliers, gantry suppliers, sound system suppliers, stuff I hadn’t heard of before suppliers, comedy talent, musical talent, burlesque talent, bubble talent – in fact – everybody. Thank you to anyone I’ve forgotten – it will only be because you did your jobs so well that everyone floated along on top of your hard work.

Our Sponsors